Nevitsky castle — the most romantic fortress of Transcarpathian region

Nevitsky castle

Nevitsky castle

The Nevitsky castle took place near Kamenits’s village, it is one of the oldest castles of Zakarpathian region — it are mention for the first time in 14 century as the center of revolt against the king of Charles of Robert of Anjou. Feudal lords of Drugety in 14 century on a place of the wooden castle built stone fortress. Placing of the castle were very convenient — here was cross trading ways, which connect Hungary, the Galich princedom, Poland, Lithuania, the Moscow state. From the highest tower it are visible Slovak, Ukrainian Carpathians, a valley of the river Usz and the Dunai lowland.

History of the Nevitsky castle

Its place were strengthen long time ago, probably, still there were the Celtic fortress in 8 century B.C. The first real-life fortress connected with Thracians who use a fortress for control of trade ways, at excavation here was founded many Roman coins. Then this district were occupy by Hungarians. In 13 century the castle was destroyed by Tatars. However at the end of 13 centuries the Hungarian king László IV builded up the castle, and transfer it to warrior the Feint.

In 1321 the king Charles Robert of Anjou captured the castle who were the center of revolt led by zhupan Petro Petenko. The king gived a fortress to Charles Druget who builded stone defence walls. In 1644 prince of Transilvany Georg II Rakotsi destroyed the castle by heavy artillery. After that the castle stay whith ruins to our times.

Nevitsky castle today

The castle situated on a high hill over the river. It surrounded three lines of defence, near fortress was small town. The castle surrounded beautiful park of Wagner. Near castle hill is beautiful high rock. Nevitsky castle is one of the most popular castle of Ukraine. Castle especially beautiful in Autumn, when castle hill is covered whith yellow trees.

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